How Can I Help?



The best way to help is to volunteer to talk with voters and remind them to turn in their ballots. We do that through canvassing (knocking on voters’ doors and talking to them face-to-face) and through phone banking (calling voters and having conversations with them over the phone).

We’re holding canvasses and phone banks every day throughout the state from now until the end of the voting period on Election Day. You can find a canvass or a phone bank near you by checking our list of volunteer events. Simply click the link, type in your zip code, click search, choose an event near you, and sign up! It’s that easy!

Or you can find a WA Democrats field office near you and show up to help volunteer. Our staff will train you and help you feel comfortable and confident!


If you aren’t able to volunteer, then another effective way of supporting our effort to build the blue wave is to provide financial support to the Washington State Democratic Party.

Hiring field organizers throughout the state, training volunteers, running field offices, and even hosting this website — all of these things require resources, and we can certainly use your help!

Rise & Organize

One of the best ways to support our efforts in the field is to join our monthly low-dollar donor program, Rise & Organize. By becoming a Riser and making a small monthly contribution, you will be directly funding our field efforts through the crucial 2018 contests and into the 2020 election.

You’ll also receive some awesome swag for joining Rise & Organize.

One-Time Contribution

You can also make a one-time contribution to the Washington State Democratic Party to help fund our field efforts. We have implemented a bold and ambitious plan to compete in every single part of the state, even in districts that have historically been Republican strongholds. And it’s working.

With your help, we can push even harder, flip congressional districts, expand our majorities in the state legislature, and advance Democratic values and policies.

Spreading the Word

In addition to volunteering and donating, you can help us spread the word about the exciting things Democrats in Washington State are accomplishing. Share the Election Center site with your family, friends, and neighbors. And make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.