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Where To Vote

When to vote

Washington State votes by mail. That means that you will receive your ballot in the mail and that — in order to vote — you must complete your ballot and submit it either by mailing the completed ballot to your county elections department or by placing your completed ballot in a designated drop box.

If you have questions or concerns about the voting process, please call the Washington State Democrats’ free voter protection hotline for assistance: 206-309-VOTE (8683).

By Mail

This year, all ballots will have prepaid postage. That means that you will not need to purchase a postage stamp in order to mail your ballot — simply fill out your ballot, sign and seal the envelope, and put it in the mail! If you decide to return your ballot by mail, keep in mind that the ballot must be postmarked by November 6 to be counted. Don’t wait until the last minute to mail your ballot. To ensure that your vote is counted, place your completed ballot in a mailbox before November 6. See When To Vote for more information on deadlines.

By Drop Box

You may also submit your completed ballot by placing it in a designated drop box. Drop boxes close promptly at 8:00 p.m. on November 6. See Where To Vote for more information on finding a drop box and submitting your ballot.

By Accessible Voter Unit

If you are a voter with a disability or require assistance in completing your ballot, there are locations where you can submit your ballot through an accessible voter unit. For location details, see Where To Vote.