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We’re not done yet…

While voting has ended, our efforts are ongoing to make sure that every ballot is counted. There are several legislative races that are still too close to call.

You can check out the latest results in these close districts on the Washington Secretary of State website:


10th Legislative District

  • State Representative Position 2
    Democrat Dave Paul vs. Republican Dave Hayes

26th Legislative District

  • State Senator
    Democrat Emily Randall vs. Republican Marty McClendon

42nd Legislative District

  • State Senator
    Democrat Pinky Vargas vs. Republican Doug Ericksen

  • State Representative Position 1
    Democrat Justin Boneau vs. Republican Luanne Van Werven

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The Washington State Democratic Party is the only entity in the State of Washington whose mission is to elect Democrats all over the state, up and down the ballot.

We've been working nonstop over the past year to grow our presence in communities around the state, reach out to voters in order to listen to their concerns, and build the blue wave that can sweep the state -- and the country -- this November.

We've teamed up with our state House and Senate partners to recruit candidates to run in every single legislative district in the state. And we took Republicans by surprise in the primary elections.

Now we're mobilizing our vast grassroots network to get out the vote for Democrats in the general election. Join us, and help us bring this blue wave home.